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3x3 Value System - When you decide to adopt a personal Code of Honor, there should be at least 6 important values you have. They should be broken up as 3 preferences and 3 deal-breakers.   In other words, for the 3 preferences you would say to yourself, “I prefer not to…” And for the deal-breakers you would say, “I will never...”  Don’t compromise any of the 6 if you can avoid it. But if you have to compromise the 3 preferences then do it. But never budge on your 3 deal-breakers. Find your 3X3.


Beware the Fruits of a Social Illusion - In the 21st century we have made tremendous public gains as a people; a Black President, our own awards shows, Black law makers and politicians and even Black billionaires. We wear fancy clothes and buy nice things. But what about the discrepancy in household income? The Boston Globe published an article that exposed the median net worth of Black households to be $8.00.  


We are still economically enslaved. Our educationally opportunities are limited to underfunded public schools. Our healthcare is subpar. There are disparities in our housing and in our careers and salaries. Who cares if you can buy a nice car when your children won’t be able to inherit anything substantial from you because of the debt you left behind. Be aware….


A Dangerous Unselfishness - There were many White Civil Rights workers who were killed by White men for standing up for truth. William Lewis Moore in 1963, Rev. Bruce Klunder in 1964, Viola Gregg Liuzzo in 1965; and many others. These people offered their lives up for justice. They paid the ultimate price of selflessness. True allies. We mustn’t ever forget their names and faces.


A Conspiracy of Goodness 1865 -1877 : Reconstruction was the post-Civil War success of freed slaves and it was sabotaged by white supremacy in the form of lynching, Jim Crow and the Black Codes.  The subsequent moral narrative that followed about who is the best and brightest still continues today. We should remember the original educational, social and political success of those freed slaves.

This included a 400% increase in literacy, over 1,500 Black state office holders, 2 Black ambassadors, 14 congressmen,11 deputy Marshalls, 6 Lt. governors and many more. Their success was sabotaged by the KKK's terrorists tactics of lynching and threatening the interracial vote.


Organized People + Organized Money = Power - Do you know what a lobbyist does? Have you heard of Big Pharma? Are you aware of who your local State Rep is? How many delegates reside in your district? The only real power in the world after faith in God, is organized money and people. Get involved in your life by learning how the world really works and then go out and make a difference.


Public School Fiscal Education - Why are we still making our children learn about abstract facts when they need financial literacy more than ever? Education hasn’t changed since the industrial era. What about teaching then about tech, bio, Crypto and NFT?  Our educational systems should begin enlightening our children in kindergarten, about a future world where cars run through solar energy and money is in the metaverse and not in our pockets. This is the only education that will matter.


To Be a Legend in My Household… - 

 To be a selfless servant to your family. To live for things greater than your desires. To skip the car you want and get it for your child. To sacrifice over and over without expecting thanks. To impress those who will pray for you when you’re gone, instead your followers on social media. You will be remembered by those who count.


Precarceration Theory:The 3rd way - Mass incarceration and mass decarceration have been the primary two ends of the political spectrum. It’s been statistical proven that imprisoning large swaths of Americans doesn’t prevent crime and doesn’t rehabilitate offenders. Likewise, while decarceration is a generous idea, it is highly unlikely that the criminal justice system will allow literally hundreds of thousands of convicted felons to be released from prison. But there’s a third way...

What if instead of locking all of the young black and brown men in prison, we saved them before they become tangled in the web of a justice system bent on punitive measures? What if we invested in the young men and women who were at-risk by sustaining well-funded tech programs and financial literacy courses that give hope instead of despair? The cost of one prisoner can be the cost of saving one child.


True Virility is Not a Matter of Physiological Destiny - Being a man has less to do with how tough you are and more to do with what you’re willing to sacrifice and contribute for the good of your family and community. Muscles don’t mean you’ve arrived as a fully adult man. Money doesn’t either. Morality does. Having principles and values do. Being honorable does. Making responsible decisions does. Be a real man and show compassion to everyone. Make the space you dwell in a safe haven for the marginalized.


Your Necessary Act -There is something you should be doing with your time and your talent. Only you know what that thing is, and if you don’t do it you would have betrayed yourself. This is something only you can do; something that has been placed in front of you. Here are the five traits of this thing:1. It is difficult  2. It may be painful 3. It may be un-fun 4. But it is deeply fulfilling and meaningful for you 5. It is tremendously beneficial to others You were made for it and although difficult, it is your necessary act.

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