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Drink for Justice!

Every can of Spentem Sparkling Honey Water you purchase, keeps a kid off the streets through our Young Merchants Club! Read more below!

YMC is a Spentem youth diversion program. We go to inner-city high schools and bring young people to our flagship store in the South Shore Plaza where we teach them about all the aspects of being an entrepreneur including budgeting, legal work, forming an LLC, and business ethics.

When they're ready, we donate the profit from the sale of our Spentem Sparkling Honey Water to starting their businesses.

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Why finding ways for young people to earn money matters

- According to the National Juvenile Justice Network, 250,000 youth are incarcerated as adults every year in the U.S. Most are charged with non-violent offenses. Juvenile arrest stats indicate that when youth have extra time and no responsible way to earn income they loiter, shoplift, and sell drugs.


- In a randomized controlled trial performed by the University of Chicago on 1,634 disadvantaged high school youth, assignment to a summer jobs program decreased violence by 43% over 16 months. Arrests per 100 youth dropped from 9 arrests to 5 during and after the program.


 - Our program directly addresses these social / economic problems. As a result, young people who participate in our program have evolved from court-involved lifestyles and many have applied to local colleges and universities.

Spentem believes that by helping youth develop an entrepreneurial mindset, they will be equipped with a sense of self-worth, accountability, and purpose. These qualities will help them make better decisions which in turn will reduce the instances of violence and incarceration. Through YMC, we offer a window of independence and hope.

Are you a school or youth org? 

We want to collaborate with you! Contact us and let's work together. 

Are you between 17-25 years old?

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We want to invest in you.  Do you have the next big idea in food, fashion, science, art, medicine or technology? We want to help you get it off the ground!

Every time we sell a can of Spentem Sparkling Honey Water, we donate 33.3% toward funding young entrepreneurs' ideas. We're serious about changing the narrative.


If you want us to invest in your idea or business, send us a written proposal through email.

Please be sure to include:

- a photo of yourself

- a personal biography / your contact info (phone and email) 

-Your business plan including 6 sections:

1. Name of the business and why you chose the name

2. Who the business is tailored for? (who is your customer?)

3. Why you think this idea is unique

4. How it will work

5. A budget 

6.. Projected sales

The more detailed and researched your business plan is, the better your chances of being funded will be. Only viable business plans and ideas will be considered.


The plan should be at least 6 pages. 

Send all business plans as PDF attachments to:


Allow three to six weeks for a response. If any sections are missing, we will not respond. 

How to support a specific Merchant

If you're a family member or friend who wants to help support a Merchant's business plan, then when you place an online order for Sparkling Honey Water, make sure you type in the specific Merchant's PROMO CODE on the check out page.

When you put in the PROMO CODE, a portion of the money from your purchase of Sparkling Honey Water will go directly to funding

that Merchant's business plan.

NOTE: This investment only applies to sales of Sparkling Honey Water and not to any Spentem apparel.

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